This website is, in fact, for those looking to enlist my help with a case, you do realize that, don’t you? Not to ask personal questions and tell me elaborate stories of some dream you’ve had. I’m not sure why you’d be so interested in me outside of my work.

Regardless, no, I do not believe I talk in my sleep. However, since I am, indeed, asleep, I wouldn’t have any way of knowing unless someone were to hear and tell me, or I happened to fancy recording myself.

…Might make for an interesting experiment. I’ll make a note.


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Personally? No. I have not encountered any person or being in any scenario that came from anywhere other than Earth. I have met a colorful array of people with exotic tendencies, but these individuals can hardly be described as extraterrestrial. The likelihood of having such a run in would be slim and next to none, so I don’t waste my time lingering on the possibilities and “what if”s. 


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"I'm Sherlock Holmes, the world's only consulting detective. 

I'm not going to go into detail about how I do what I do because chances are you wouldn't understand. If you've got a problem that you want me to solve, then contact me. Interesting cases only please. 

This is what I do: 

1. I observe everything. 
2. From what I observe, I deduce everything. 
3. When I've eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how mad it might seem, must be the truth. 

If you need assistance, contact me and we'll discuss its potential."

Independent BBC Sherlock Holmes RP and ask blog.
Sherlock is a Post-Series-3 BBC Sherlock blog with a sprinkle of the original Doyle stories.
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  • Sherlock is a para and chat role-play blog.
  • Sherlock is an ask blog as well.
  • Mix of long threads (always tagged “long post”) and short threads (three paragraphs or less). I love having a mix of quick threads and more in-detail ones.
  • Crossovers welcomed and encouraged! Crossovers are lovely. I typically do more crossovers than in-fandom, so if you are from another fandom, don’t be shy!
  • Open for plotting to canon and OC characters.
  • Mun has been writing for well over ten years.
  • Mun and muse are of legal age! Smut will not be roleplayed with anyone under 18, but Sherlock’s not too smutty of a muse anyway.
  • Multi-ship, multi-universe friendly, although if a romance is going to happen, it should be built up and not just jumped into out of the blue. Sherlock needs friends and foes too! I’d love a good villain for Sherlock, a Moriarty perhaps.
  • M!A friendly so long as mun is comfortable with said m!a.
  • Rules and headcanons/about are VERY important!
  • Sherlock is a Post-Series-3 Blog but tends to have threads throughout his lifetime.
  • Currently there is not a verses page, but I am considering giving Sherlock some AU verses to make him a bit more wide ranged.

Sherlock is a pretty stingy muse when it comes to partners simply because he doesn’t often get along with too many people. However, I am willing to plot with anyone and specifically I’m looking for a James “Jim” Moriarty and a John Watson. Currently I have neither. Other adaptations of Sherlock Holmes characters are just as welcomed as the BBC verse.

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Sherlock is Actually a Girl’s Name


"Oh now this is nice, put that in as well" Irene said as she picked up another corset piece and the woman put it in the changing room. Once satisfied she looked to Sherlock and nodded to the changing room "Well come on, I need to help you in them wether you like it or not. You need curse and so far you have none" She stated and pushed him inside and soon joining him "Just take off your jacket and shirt" She said and started tugging his clothes off. Having way too much fun with this. 


Any other man would have had an issue with what was about to transpire. Either they would have an issue, or they would be absolutely elated to be in the confides of a dressing room with such an attractive woman. Sherlock, on the other hand, didn’t seem to register the situation for what it was, nor the possibilities that could come with it. The most perceptive man in the world, many would have claimed, and yet. “All right, all right, no need to get pushy,” he commented after, quite literally, being pushed into the dressing room. His jacket was the first to go, followed quickly by his purple button-down.

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The Thief And The Prince || Closed Adlock RP


Irene only managed to catch his question quickly as she ducked away. She lived very comfortable for the next few weeks with the riches she stole from the palace and had sold to a few greedy buyers. Though the prince she had run into had stayed on her mind for a long while. She had never met someone interesting as him, nor so like her before. It was tempting, very much so. in fact once she ran out of gold she went back again, during dinner when everyone was busy and when his room would be empty. She quietly snuck in just as she did before and laid on the bed, looking around at any changes he had made while she was away 

Sherlock had a nasty habit of skipping things like family dinner. Such things simply… didn’t matter to him and he wasn’t sure why his family constantly pushed for his company. It was obvious that they never enjoyed having him around. Just a bit too analytical. and far too sarcastic for civilized conversation. Not to mention, Sherlock was the one who told his mother that their father had been cheating on her. The past few weeks, however, his mind was preoccupied, more so than usual, and he had a difficult time even speaking at dinner. His family found this odd, but didn’t often comment on it. The young man’s presence with lack of annoyance was a blessing to them. Even still, he couldn’t get that woman out of his mind…

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"Maybe you’re not [heterosexual/homosexual/some kind of allosexual], maybe you’re just [insert love interests name]-sexual"




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The 9th gif in your folder is your muse’s reaction to meeting the mun for the first time.



Wow Loki, I have to say I’m shocked.

WELL. I think I can be okay with this

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I’m as proud as the moose that is proud of his hair

I haven’t, and I never will. Most of what I’ve got to say I’ll say it in the live DASHBOARD. *smiles* 

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Well, what do you call this then?

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The Thief And The Prince || Closed Adlock RP


"I’m impressed" She chuckled and started taking the items he was picking  up and putting them in her satchel. "For years I have been robbing and stealing and taking what I need, never before have I been caught, and by accident no less….At least you didn’t try to kill me.." She said lightly "Must be boring though, seems you only stay in this room judging by the state of it. Lonely too, you know you and I could be great partners if a time should arise where we need to work together. Both of us smart and quick thinking, but not really with any connections to teh rest of the world….You and I are alike…" She mused before packing away everything "Now if that is all I must bid you adieu" She stated before darting off before he could stop her and was quickly in the tunnel heading out of the palace. 

"There wouldn’t be a point in trying to kill you." Logically speaking, Sherlock knew that he wouldn’t be any match for the woman before him. He was pampered and did very little in the way of strengthening his body. He was far more concerned with strengthening his mind. If Irene wanted to kill him, she would have no problem in doing so. What caught him by surprise, however, was how easily she was able to read him, and how quick to mention that they would probably make a decent team should they ever need to become a team. Why did that idea appeal to him so much? Probably because his life was dull and it certainly wouldn’t be with Irene… "Will you come back?" he questioned, though by the time he’d said it, she was already on her way out.

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𝔾𝕙𝕠𝕤𝕥. 𝕐𝕠𝕦 𝕕𝕠𝕟’𝕥 𝕖𝕩𝕚𝕤𝕥.


He made sure to make sure he wasn’t being watched any longer when he was heading into the area that was deemed made for Hydra. His mind on autopilot, knowing he was not allowed to be found. The soldier was more than careful when being in larger cities, especially given when he was traveling into Berlin from London and then making a trip back with a device.

He knew better than let someone find him. It was in his blood or at least hard wired into him by the soviets not to be caught when he went to get what he needed. Of course his way to getting to Hydra bases was cutting through side routes, and back alley’s. He had sensed someone had been trailing him, and decided to pull a different route. One that involved him jumping from rooftops. He of course could survive due to his nature. He had no time to waste, afterall a bomb was ticking.

Following the soldier all the way to Berlin had been a taxing experience, mostly because Sherlock was not a patient person. Knowing what would come should he fail his mission… There wasn’t much time for him to waste and the margin for error was literally zero. If he failed, he would not be the only person suffering. People he cared about, people he couldn’t stand, and people who were neither here nor there to him would all come to an end because he hadn’t been fast enough.

Tailing him proved to be difficult. At one point, Sherlock had, shamefully, lost track of him and while he expected to have lost him permanently, he was fortunate to find him again. From London, to Berlin, back to London was a long and unnecessary trip, but Sherlock didn’t have the time to stop, not until the soldier had been stopped. There was no other option.

Unfortunately Sherlock wasn’t exactly prone to jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Sure, there was a great deal of physical strain on him from day to day, but this was stressful in ways that he would be feeling for days upon days. Assuming he wasn’t dead, of course, though he finally saw his opportunity. When the man stopped and lowered himself to place the bomb on the ground.

"I wouldn’t do that if I were you," he called, gun in hand.

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Loved this scene.

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Sherlock is Actually a Girl’s Name


"Honestly I want in to try and see how you’d try and converse as a woman, it’d be interesting….could I come, in case you need a hand?" She inquired as the cab came to a stop and Irene was soon paying for the fare and quickly walked out. "Come along love, don’t have all day" Irene hummed as she walked towards a quiet road, heading towards a specialty store which sold a number of women’s lingerie and things like wigs and such designed for men and waited for Sherlock to come in. She was already talking to the owner there and started suggesting things for Sherlock to try. 


For a moment, Sherlock shuffled through every scenario that ran through his head. Irene accompanying him on any case was dangerous, simply due to the type of relationship he and Irene shared. However she could be beneficial on this particular case considering she was exactly the type of person needed. Brilliant, charming beyond measure, convincing, and, of course, female. “I suppose I could bring you along.” He couldn’t, after all, bring John with him. That would have just been too much. “So long as you promise to behave.” Even if she promised, he wouldn’t be able to hold her to it. He knew this. 

Following Irene out of the cab, he didn’t bother to make a fuss about her paying for the cab. Chances were, she had more money than he did anyway. With the line of work she was in, it was a pretty safe bet. “Oh, I doubt that. Whenever you come to visit me, you typically have the entire day to waste.” He’d picked up on the patterns of her frequent visits some time ago. Once inside of the shop, he merely stood behind her, however, allowing her to do what she needed to do. 

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