Mutant what? What kind of mutants?


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Sherlock smoke effect


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                     knowing more ‘bout your partner tag game ! !
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  • name;; Amber
  • age;; 21
  • how old were you when you first started playing?;; 13
  • height;; 5’6” 
  • OCs or canons?;; I have both, but my OCs are not Tumblr based, they are reserved for personal, private use.
  • females or males?;; Males, mostly, but occasionally I will write for a female.
  • least favorite face claim;; Am I supposed to have a least favorite face claim? I mean… I don’t have an issue with face claims at all, I just hate seeing face claims that are so over used. For example, my Lady Loki FC is Katie McGarth and she has been my FC for years, but she’s become so popular, I’ve actually given some thought to changing Lady Loki’s FC.
  • worst rp experience ever;; I once had a threesome roleplay between my muse and two other muses. My muse became pregnant and the muse who impregnated my muse told the third person in the RP that he only wanted to be with her and didn’t care about my muse at all. The mun of that character also plagiarized mine later on, so, needless to say, that was a pretty shitty experience. 
  • fluff, angst, or smut?;; I love all three, though smutting is rare and I, usually, will only smut with people I know personally. 
  • worst character you’ve ever played;; I don’t know if I have a “worst character” I’ve ever played, to be honest. I only write characters that I care about and that interest me.
  • favorite type of plot;; Multiple layered plots. I don’t care if it’s romantic, friendship, enemies, or what have you, but if it has dimension to it, I’ll probably love it. Anything adventurous, angsty, horrifying, and even loving with a “my soul is happy” type vibe will make me a happy camper. 
  • at what time of day is your writing the best?;; Usually after six or seven PM and up until I go to sleep (which is usually around four to six AM)
  • are you anything like your muse?;; Loki and I are similar in many ways. There are, however, many differences as well. I am me and Loki is Loki, I just happen to have a deep love and understanding of my muse.
  • worst thing about RP;; Losing an RP partner for any given reason and/or feeling like you aren’t good enough/are annoying the people you enjoy RPing with.
  • best thing about RP;; The friendships made with the muns and the relationships (not necessarily romantic) that are made between the muses. When my muse is happy, I have a tendency to be happy as well.

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when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, 
however improbable, must be the truth
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I spent way longer on this than I meant to but that’s okay because John’s walk turned out awesome.


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Serial murderers are amongst my favourite. They’re always so cautious but they contradict themselves by craving recognition. Fame. Love those!


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  1. A case with potential to be interest.
  2. A case with potential to be interesting to someone like me.
  3. A case that is unique in some variation of the crime that has been committed.
  4. A case that has not been solved by the police.
  5. A case that has no potential of being solved by the police.
  6. A case that will take more than a few hours for me to solve.

I do not believe this list contains anything that is difficult to understand.


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"GATISS: To be honest, I put [an explanation of Redbeard] into the first draft of [The Sign of Three], and actually explained it—the reason that Sherlock was behaving like a child was because, once upon a time, he’d fallen for that story that your bunny rabbit has gone to live on a farm somewhere. And then we thought, ‘No, let’s hold it back because we can tease it a bit.’ And we genuinely thought, ‘We can keep this running for years.’ But then actually…

MOFFAT: It’s nice to have resolved it.

GATISS: So the truth is that when he was little — and obviously Mycroft tormented him about it — is that his dog died, and he totally fell for the idea that Redbeard had gone to live in a happy valley somewhere."

Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, Empire Online [x]

[ Skulls & Tea | Sherlock Creator Quotes Collection ]

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Do you know what the even more hilariously sad thing is? John was supposed to think that Sherlock was being sent off somewhere far away, where he could run free and have tons of detecting fun without him… but he was really being sent to his death.

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OMFG Is that why he was so fucking mad about Bluebell?  oh god.. my heart.

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…Oh, hell:

SHERLOCK: Stapleton. I knew I knew your name.

STAPLETON: I doubt it.

SHERLOCK: People say there’s no such thing as coincidence. What dull lives they must lead.

(He holds up his notebook to her on which he has written a single large word: “BLUEBELL”. She stares at it in amazement as Sherlock watches her face closely.)

STAPLETON: Have you been talking to my daughter?

SHERLOCK (putting his notebook away): Why did Bluebell have to die, Doctor Stapleton?

JOHN (bewildered): The rabbit?

SHERLOCK (to Stapleton, as she stares at him blankly): Disappeared from inside a locked hutch, which was always suggestive.

JOHN: The rabbit?

SHERLOCK: Clearly an inside job.        [x]

…So. This is the face of Sherlock when reminded of his most painful childhood pressure point.

That’s not heartwrenching or anything.

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You don’t know anything about human nature, do you?

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Source If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts

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1. Name of your muse:

Sherlock Holmes.

2. One picture you like best of your muse’s fc:

3. Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone:
I can’t say I’m overly secretive about my headcanons. Usually, if I have a headcanon, it’s pretty well known.
I suppose I could say:

  • I’m not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not. While Sherlock is on the side of the angels, and I do believe that he’s got a good heart and a desire to do good, I solidly believe that he and Moriarty are two halves of the same coin and that if certain events didn’t happen in Sherlock’s life, eventually crime solving wouldn’t be enough. Eventually he would become exactly like Moriarty. 
  • Part of Sherlock desperately craves to be normal, to be like everyone else. This is a small sliver of feeling, but it is there nevertheless. 

4. Three things that your muse loves doing in their free time:

  • Solving interesting cases—murders are his favorite. Serial murders.
  • Experiments that help ease his boredom.
  • Drug habits that he pretends don’t exist.


  • John Watson
  • Mycroft Holmes
  • His father (headcanonly I’ve always had Sherlock have a bit of a tense relationship with his mother)
  • Molly Hooper (almost always platonically)

6. Three fond childhood memories:

  • Red Beard.
  • Dressing up at his father and pretending to be just like his dad. (headcanonly, I like to think that’s where his coat came from).
  • Solving smaller cases.

7. One thing they’d go through heaven or hell to save/change:

The danger he’s placed on John Watson, as well as anyone who associates with him, due to the enemies he has created.

Out of Character:

1. What’s your name? 

  • Amber

2. When is your birthday? 

  • September 15th

3. Where are you from? 

  • L.A.

4. Have a crush? 

  • Not really unless Tom Hiddleston counts?

5. What’s your favorite color? 

  • Bright green. 

6. Write something in caps? 


7. Got a favorite band/artist?

  • Imagine Dragons and Daft Punk are current loves of mine.

8. Favorite number?

  • 7

9. Favorite drink? 

  • Diet coke with lime or orange flavor

10. Tag Ten People: whoever wants to do the thing!

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𝔾𝕙𝕠𝕤𝕥. 𝕐𝕠𝕦 𝕕𝕠𝕟’𝕥 𝕖𝕩𝕚𝕤𝕥.


His training in Hydra leads him to this. It leads him to this point where the gun hitting his shoulder hardly even is known. The pain is jarring yes, but it’s not enough for him to be gunned down. The movement of a gun hitting him, it barely even phases him honestly. It barely even phases him. But the soldier is quick to grab the case he intended to use to bomb the city. His hand pulls his own small pistol from his frame. 

Without even blinking, he shoots twice at the man, not in lethal areas, but enough to keep him down. And seek medical attention, because if left alone they could cause problems. The asset, he then moves, he moves without a second thought.

"If you ever see me again, I will put a bullet though your skull."

On the ground, clenching at his wounded leg and grazed side, Sherlock had no choice but to watch as the soldier took up his case and threatened to murder him. For once, he was left wondering instead of knowing. Wondering why the assassin hadn’t simply killed him right then and there, and why he had taken the bomb with him instead of letting it detonate like originally planned.

Surely he was used to killing. He had been willing to wipe out an entire city for nothing more than orders. Why leave him alive? Why leave the mission unfinished?

Sherlock didn’t exactly like having limited knowledge and access to answers, but there were more pressing matters. No, the gunshots weren’t fatal, but if he simply laid there, he would eventually bleed out. Leaving him with no other option, Sherlock withdrew his phone and made two phone calls. One to Lestrade, and one to John.

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Let’s play a game. Let’s play murder. - SH
Imagine someone’s going to get murdered at a wedding - SH
Who exactly would you pick? - SH
I think you’re a popular choice at the moment, dear. - MH

If someone could move Mrs Hudson’s glass just slightly out of reach, that would be lovely. - SH

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